XII: More and Moving in the Dark

Here at Stumbling in the Dark, we’ve followed the sadly short-lived career of gothic rockers XII pretty closely. I’m very happy to report that the story has a happy coda – even though the band won’t continue, they are finishing off the tracks that they’ve recorded and will be releasing them in the not too distant future.

First up, is a single, “More”, featuring the title track and a song called “Before”. “More” is a short, sharp, shock of a track, almost straddling the line between gothic rock and metal in a way that I think will appeal to fans of both. “Before” features chiming guitars and an impassioned vocal performance. It’s good stuff.

Following on with a release date of Jan. 1 is Moving In The Shadows, a full-length studio album. This features the songs “Virtue” and “Solitary Sanity” from XII’s first single, as well as “More” and “Before”. Since I have not heard the album yet, I don’t know whether any of these tracks will differ from the single versions – the single versions of “More” and “Before” are described as the “Single Malt Edit” and the “‘Iso’ Edit”, respectively, which implies that they might be somewhat different from the album tracks. The album also offers a chance to get your hands on, “Love It Never Fades (Forever Us)”, a terrific track that you might have nabbed if you’ve loyally haunted XII’s bandcamp page, but which doesn’t seem to be separately available now. Plus a handful of new tracks that have never been released before.

I am a bit sorry that there doesn’t seem to be a finished version of “Comply” on the album, since that was one of my favorites from the demos. But since I wasn’t sure that this album would ever see the light of day at all, I can’t really complain.

Head on over to bandcamp and check out the links above.

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