Stumbling in the Dark Episode 011


After a bit of a break, the Stumbling in the Dark podcast is back. I’ve been spending some time lately listening to stuff from other people’s best of 2013 lists, catching up on things that I hadn’t heard or hadn’t properly listened to. So, a lot of these tracks come from that.

Listen on Mixcloud here:


“Galswintha” by Leaves’ Eyes, from Symphonies of the Night
“This Body, Thy Tomb” by Cathedral, from The Last Spire
“Cranley Gardens” by Church of Misery, from Thy Kingdom Scum
“The Battle Fought” by Agrimonia from The Rites of Separation:
“Dreadful Omen of a Dark Millenium” by Into Darkness, from Transmigration of Cosmic Creatures into the Unknown:
“Gothic” by Paradise Lost from Live at the Roundhouse, 3rd November 2013:
“More Than the Truth” by The Mission from the Swan Song EP
“Blue Eyed Hexe” by the Pixies from EP 2:

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One Response to Stumbling in the Dark Episode 011

  1. Lady Lilith says:

    What a nice selection. Thank you for sharing.

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