Stumbling in the Dark Episode 010


The Stumbling in the Dark podcast is back with a Thanksgiving cornucopia of death metal, doom metal, grindcore and goth. Doesn’t that sound better than a turkey? (Anyway, I know that many of my listeners don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Happy Thursday to you all!) This episode goes out with a podcasting shout out to The Wicked Lady Show (, where I first heard one of the artists featured in this episode, Evoke Thy Lords.

Listen on Mixcloud:

Torture Division – Fähund
Download here:

Entombed – To Ride Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth Demo 94
More info here:

Rannoch – The Forgotten
Download here:

Download here:

Noothgrush – Jundland Wastes
Download here:

Napalm Christ – Reclaimed by the Earth
Download here:

Eastern Spell – Entraced
Download here:

Evoke Thy Lords – Cause Follows Effect
Download here:

Eye of Solitude – Performed in Graphic Pain
Download here:

David J with Alan Moore – The Enochian Angel of the 7th Aethyr
From the Goth Box, released by Cleopatra Records in 1996

Fields of the Nephilim – Sumerland (Dreamed Version)
More info here:

XII – Love It Never Fades (Forever Us)
This track is not currently available for download as far as I can tell.

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