Peeves and Praise

Okay, I’m just going to vent about a little pet peeve of mine: why, in the year 2013, do we still have so many albums whose U.S. release date is a week or two or more after the European release date? My European friends are all enjoying their shiny new copies of Paradise Lost’s Tragic Illusion and the reissue of Katatonia’s Viva Emptiness, and I’ve got to wait at least until November 5th to be able to buy them. And I’d be perfectly happy to buy downloads. You can’t tell me that it takes the electrons an extra week to cross the Atlantic. 

I know, this is literally a first world problem. Still, I don’t understand the point of it. Can anyone explain what record labels gain from this delay?

So as not to make a totally negative post, I’ll also post about a trend that I love: artists and labels including high-quality PDFs of the album art and liner notes with download purchases. I buy a lot (though not all) of my music as digital downloads these days. I like the instant gratification and the lack of clutter offered by a download. However, I don’t like not getting to look at the art, lyrics, and liner notes that accompany most CDs. The Eden House provide PDFs with their bandcamp downloads, as does Kaotoxin Records. I’ve even bought a few things from Amazon (mostly ‘special editions’) that have had accompanying PDFs. I wish it were standard practice. So thank you, to everyone who does this. It is much appreciated! 



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