Stumbling in the Dark Episode 007



Listen on mixcloud: Stumbling in the Dark Episode 007

For this episode of Stumbling in the Dark, we’ve got a mixed bag: some doom metal (as promised last episode), but also some death metal, and gothic rock; some new tunes and some old ones dusted off for the occasion. Music from Clouds, Ad Patres, Carcass, Arsis, Alien Sex Fiend, The Mission, Rhombus, and My Dying Bride.

A shout out to Radu Ciucă for recommending Clouds! Thanks, Radu.

The playlist for this episode is:

  1. You Went So Silent by Clouds
  2. Emphasize Nihility by Ad Patres
  3. Noncompliance to ASTM F 899-12 Standard by Carcass
  4. We Are the Nightmare by Arsis
  5. Hurricane Fighter Plane by Alien Sex Fiend
  6. Everything But the Squeal by The Mission
  7. Here Be Dragons by Rhombus
  8. The Crown of Sympathy by My Dying Bride

You can find more about the bands featured in this podcast from the following links:
Ad Patres:
Alien Sex Fiend:
The Mission:
My Dying Bride:

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