Podcast Spotlight: The Requiem Metal Podcast

I’m guessing that if you listen to Stumbling in the Dark, you’d probably enjoy other good music podcasts. So, I’m going to take an opportunity every now and then to highlight one of my favorites.

And one of my absolute favorites has got to be The Requiem Metal Podcast. Hosted by Mark Rudolph and Jason Hundey, along with occasional additional guest hosts, the Requiem Metal podcast has been tremendously important to my evolution as a heavy metal fan. To give a bit of history – I’ve been a metal fan since my early teens, but for a long time my knowledge of the genre was spotty. I didn’t read metal magazines or blogs, and lots of my friends don’t listen to metal, so I would just kind of pick up the odd band here and there. Finally, a few years ago, I realized that I was missing out on a ton of great heavy metal music, and I set out to educate myself on the genre. The Requiem Metal Podcast was one of the places I started.

So, what makes this podcast great? Well, Mark and Jason have a long history of listening to metal. They’ve been listening to this stuff, and going to gigs, and writing fanzines, and generally being steeped in the genre for decades, and they’ve distilled all of that into this podcast. Each episode is like getting to spend an evening hanging out with a couple of friends with an awesome record collection, listening to to classic tunes (some of them rarities that can be difficult to get ahold of) and getting to talk about them. Work your way through the archives, and you’ll go from metal noob to extreme metal expert in no time.

Unfortunately, new episodes have been slow in coming lately, although the podcast is still going. The good news is, with 170 episodes, there’s plenty in the archives to enjoy. Just pick a band that you’ve always wanted to learn more about and dive right in. Or get started with a few of my favorite episodes:

  • Episode 169: Jeff Hanneman. A great tribute to a metal legend.
  • The “Crucial Years In Metal” series, beginning with Episode 91 and continuing through to Episode 100. A crash course in metal history.
  • Episode 085: Godflesh. Get up to speed on the roots of industrial metal.
  • Episode 039: Early Tiamat.
  • Plus, they’ve got great episodes on Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Katatonia, Bolt Thrower…check ’em out!
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4 Responses to Podcast Spotlight: The Requiem Metal Podcast

  1. Carlos says:

    totally relate to your post! I discovered Tiamat and a bunch of other bands through these guys, eagerly awaiting new episodes.

  2. wshaffer74 says:

    Hey, Carlos – thanks for dropping by! I do hope we get some new episodes soon. I’d love to hear their take on the best of 2013 – there’s been a lot of interesting stuff released this year.

  3. Roman says:

    Similar story to yours. I think I listened to about a third of the episodes and these guys exposed me to a lot of good music. Sadly, nothing new has been posted since the Hanneman episode and I can’t find news about why. Did they get in a fight and decide to call it quits? Did they not have funding to continue? Is more coming? Personally, I feel like I lost my music mentors. Would appreciate any recommendations to continue exploring “extreme” metal. Thanks!

    • wshaffer74 says:

      Hey Roman,
      I haven’t heard anything definite about what’s going on with the Requiem metal cast, but I think it’s mostly a case of life getting in the way – the guys are busy with other projects, it’s hard to make time for recording, etc. I still hope that some day there will be new episodes.

      For keeping up with current stuff in extreme metal, I really like the blogs No Clean Singing and Angry Metal Guy. But I haven’t found anything that consistently takes the approach of Requiem, looking in depth at a particular band or subgenre.

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