Stumbling in the Dark Episode 004

Stumbling in the Dark Episode 004

The playlist:

  1. Stench of the Iron Age by Black Crown Initiate
  2. Portent by Painkiller
  3. Hollow Oaths by Portent
  4. Sentient Race by Sidious
  5. All Rise by Torture Division
  6. Confronting Entropy by Dew-Scented
  7. Welcome Home by Entombed
  8. Dorinta by Colosus

Here are links where you can download or purchase most of the music heard in this podcast:
Black Crown Initiate’s Song of the Crippled Bull:

Painkiller’s Guts of a Virgin/Buried Secrets:

Portent’s Dismail Deities:

Sidious’s Ascension to the Throne Ov Self:

Combat Nasal free digital music sampler:

Torture Division’s The Worship:

Dew-Scented’s Insurgent:

Entombed’s “Welcome Home”:

Colosus’s Blestem:

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